Have You Seen The Neobux Ultimate Strategy!?

Hi guys, I want ask simple question; Have You Seen The Neobux Ultimate Strategy!?

Neobux is one of the internet's most innovative and lucrative money making programs. With over 3,000,000 members, this proves without a doubt that they are a legitimate company, with a low $2.00 cashout and instant payments. In the 3 years that they have been online, they have paid over $50,000,000 to their members - 50 million! That is good news right?


Wrong! If they paid out 50 million in cashouts to 3 million members, that means the average Neobux user makes $16.67. That doesn't add up if you ask me. But wait, aren't lots of people making ultra profits from Neobux? Sure, you hear success stories and see payment proofs of those users who are making it big - but what about most other users - people like you and me?

The ugly truth of the matter is, most people who join PTC's barely make any money, and those who've invested money come out at a loss. Many of those who try PTC's do so with the right intentions....they work hard patiently, hoping to eventually make profit. But after months of hard work, they are not seeing results, become frustrated, and ultimately give up.

Has this ever happened to you?

You join a new PTC site with much excitement, and you click diligently everyday, and rent your first referrals. You continue clicking, and save up money to rent some more. Then the referrals stop clicking, and you need to constantly replace them You become frustrated and stop clicking, and join a new PTC site...
And then you go back to step 1, and the pattern repeats itself. Then you begin to wonder why you aren't being rewarded for doing the right thing. Aren't you tired of living in this vicious cycle of failure? Don't you want a way out?

What you need is a working strategy. The Neobux Ultimate Strategy is your guide to prospering and profiting with Neobux. It also works with any PTC, as the principles are the same.
Here is a partial list of what you will get from the eBook:
  • How to get 40+ direct referrals for any PTC you want virtually overnight
  • How to set up a system that allows you to get referrals on auto-pilot
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that 90% of users make that prevents them from succeeding - don't follow these rules, and you will end up like most others
  • How to determine which referrals are profitable and which ones to recycle, leaving you an army of active clickers
  • And much, much more!
Grab a copy today while the price is still low... and download it immediately after purchase. Hurry, everyone else is getting their hands on this and using it to turbo-charge their PTC business. Don't miss out.
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Auto Pay vs Auto Renew - What's the Difference?

Today we are going to cover a fundamental question: auto pay vs. auto renew - what's the differenceFirstly, auto pay only works if the referral:

*Has 20 days remaining
*Is actively clicking

Each time a referral clicks, 1 day will be added to their expiration date. So, you are automatically paying for them from your rental balance. It is useful if you have a lot of referrals and don't want to renew them. Your referrals will not expire as long as they are clicking, and you will save 10% in renewal fees over time.

AutoRenew is a relatively new feature in Neobux - the way it work is simple - you can choose when you would like to renew a RR, and for how long. For example, you can renew a RR for 30 days just 3 days before the RR's expiration date. I was talked about it in neobux strategies you can use it part i

The discounts are as follows:
15 days - no discount
30 days - 5% discount
60 days - 10% discount
90 days - 18% discount
150 days - 25% discount
240 days - 30% discount

240 days is actually 8 months! That means you don't have to worry about renewing that referral for 9 months, and you are receiving the maximum discount possible.

When you have enough money to renew for 90 days, turn AutoPay off, and turn on AutoRenew. Depending on how many referrals you have, and how much $$$ you have in your balance, select the discount days that best fits you.

AutoPay is more useful for standard members than upgraded members. Why? Because at some point, renewing is more beneficial than using auto pay. AutoPay will give you a 10% discount, but if you renew for 90 days, the same 10% discount you will get for 60 days of renewing. When you renew for 90 days, your discount is 18%, which is higher than that of AutoPay, that is why at this point you should turn AutoPay off.

We try to explain this concept as simply as we can about auto pay vs. auto renew - what's the difference, so hopefully that made sense to you. Remember to save these newsletters for future reference, as they will come in handy later. We need to stay in touch so that you stay motivated and continue clicking.

We hope you enjoyed today's this news. To get the Neobux Ultimate Strategy, which will turbo-boost your PTC business, check neobux ultimate strategy page above.

Happy earnings.
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Neobux Strategies You Can Use Part III

Oke guys, this last part from neobux strategies from member. So enjoy! ;)

RENEWING: Always 90 days
RECYCLING: Let the system automatically renew them every 7 days.
OTHER: When I am not using any spreadsheet or something, but I want to use, or the neobuxmanager or neogest table.

RENEWING: 30 days good refs, 90 for refs 'above average'.
RECYCLING: I do not currently use any strategy for recycling.
OTHER: Do not use anything.

AUTOPAY: No, I will only connect it when I go Golden
RENEWING: 90 days (only the best refs, the rest 60 days)
RECYCLING: 6 days without ref click and with an AVG lower than 1.2
OTHER: I use the notebook, I write down all of my Ref's and so I know manage them easier.

RENEWAL: 30 days when they have only 5 days left.
RECYCLING: Recycle refs inactive for more than 7 days.
OTHER: Do not use anything else.

RENEWAL: Everyday renew 4 referrals for 30 more days.
RECYCLING: I recycle all those who do not click from 7 days, and some that do not click the 6,5,4 according to their AVG. I always focus on recycling those with the worst average and not clicked yesterday or before yesterday.
OTHER: I follow the line to my strategy, as I want to rent the maximum amount per week while I am profiting everyday, I only recycle when I surpass that minimum of profit.

RENEWING: Anyone under 1.5 click avg expire and if they had less than 12 days I let expire. (3/4 of my refs were less than 1.5 and also had less than 10 days left)
RECYCLING: If they had more than 12 days and less than 1.5 click avg, I recycled
OTHER: If my ref was above 3.0 click avg, I simply paid for 90 days at 20% discount, otherwise I just paid for 30 days to see the quality of my ref under 3.0 click avg, but above 1.5 click avg. If your total clicks for the day is less than your total refs, you are definitely not profiting, and you have liabilities you'll need to get rid of quickly.

RENEWING: 30 days
RECYCLING: Recycle referrals inactive for 5 or more days.

RENEWING: 30 days
RECYCLING: Recycle referrals inactive for 7 or more days independently of their average.
OTHER: Leave die bad clickers, add 30 days to those with a high average.
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Neobux Strategies You Can Use It Part II

neobux strategies
Oke guys, this is neobux strategies part two from best ptc ever member. Check this out and enjoy


RENEWING: 30 Days, only to referrals with a 2+ average

RECYCLING: Referrals who have not clicked in 4 days, or have lower than 1.5 average

OTHER: Do Not Over Recycle! Try to set a limit!


RENEWING: 30 days until I get 4k refs

RECYCLING: Let the system handle it

OTHER: Recycling barely helps your average. Is it worth what you pay?


RNEWING: Refs with an avg of 2-2.5 and above for 30 days.

RECYCLING: Refs that don't click for 4 days


RENEWING: All for 90 days

RECYCLING: Very few since it worth nothing and average still dropping.


RENEWING: renew 4 refs daily for 90 days closest to 30 days, 30 days for refs with 1 day left

RECYCLING: $1 to recycle refs who've gone longest without clicking and have avg clicks under 1 (increase avg if no refs avg is under 1)

OTHER: i transfer $3 daily from my account to rental balance, about $2 is used for renewing the rest for recycling


RENEWING: 90 days, unless refs are falling close to falling off of autopay.Only then 30 days.

RECYCLING:I let the system handle most of it. If I have a ref that has been mine for over one month and has less than a 1.0 average, ONLY then will I pay to recycle.

OTHER: Don’t wait around for your renting time. Get on the rental queue as soon as you can.


RENEWING: 30 days for those who are no longer covered by autopay

RECYCLING: Daily recycling of refs who clicked 1 ad regardless of avg, and refs who clicked 2 ads with an avg of 1.5 and below then let the system autoreplace those inactive ones.

OTHER: Rent 300 refs every 4 days using my kabayan mc2x' flawless technique. Tomorrow is my 30th day as an Ultimate and I'll be gunning for my 2000th rented refs.Don't focus too much on the avg clicks but on the daily net profit.


RENEWING: 30 days

RECYCLING: 5 days without ref click and AVG lower than 1.2

OTHER: Nothing
To be continued...

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Neobux Strategies You Can Use It Part I


I have decided to create a thread with all the strategies united, and standarized so you can refer people to this thread when they ask for a neobux strategies and they will find lots of them easy and fast.

RENEWING: Renew for 30 days, or for 60 if you can afford.
RECYCLING: Recycle all the referrals who didn't click for 4 days. Do this daily, with no maximum/minimum amount to spend. If you are ultimate, recycle all the referrals who didn't click for 4 days and have an avg lower than 1.5.
OTHER: Wait for discount days to do mass renewing, use a spreadsheet to manage your account and click always.

RENEWING: 90 days always
RECYCLING: When needed based on 3 things (last click / avg / ref since)
OTHER: Oselamet script 

RENEWING: Divide your ref through 90 and pay for these for 90 days (do it if you begin to build up your rented refs.)
RECYCLING: inactive 5 days, then older than 14 days and avg. < 1.2
OTHER: I still use xargoon's script, to display inactive refs, and bad refs - easy to find the ones to recycle.

RENEWING: 30 days for all refs that have the next payment date as "Red"
-All refs who haven't clicked for 5 days and average less than 1
-All refs who haven't clicked for 6 days and average less than 1.5
-All refs who haven't clicked for 7 days unless he has a mad good average. (ie. Golden clicker)
-All refs who only click one ad every day.
OTHER: Xargoon's script is helpful.Buy as much refs as you can every week.Make sure you leave enough money in rental balance for renewals though.

RENEWING: for 30 days, for more if can afford
RECYCLE: free recycle after 14 days of inactivity

RENEWING: 30 days.
RECYCLING: Every 4 days, anyone with 1.4 or below.
OTHER COMMENTS: My average has always been steady and above 1. I have reached an average of 2 and working my way back up since I missed a day of recycling which threw me off.

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Neobux Great User

Before you decide, read success story below..

Most people who join PTC websites always dream of extra income from the internet, but a great part of them give up after a while, and the simple truth is, a few cents a day wouldn't turn them into millionaires.

Normally it's very difficult to trust an internet website for investing any amount of money, especially a volatile world like PTC.

Here I would like to present you many success stories of people that had the courage to invest their money or simple their time, and achieved commendable success:


Probably the most successful user in PTC history, even though his investment instance has been kept private, it's an example and a dream for every user to reach his level of earnings. His longest topic (from one year ago) shows that he is making no less than 2500$ every month.

Reggen666 video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0X5PAx1qeU

An user who is taking his destiny in his own hands and is always striving for more difficult (yet more profitable) amount of refs. If earning more than 1000$ pure profit every month is not enough for you, check his balance for a while, you can see how fast it goes up  
As far as I'm concerned, he is the user who has the most refs and still shows his stats on the forum.

Another giant ref owner, with more than 16K refs. Neobux even helped him to pay for vacations! Just a few users will ever achieve his amount of earned money here on neo!
More than 170% ROI, hard work really pays off!


Not even one penny invested here, but nonetheless his profit dwarfs even some Ultimate members! He is an example that money is not needed to make success here on neobux.

dec03001 & sho03004:
There aren't better words to describe their success other than their own.

Quote:Now that we are both making some great money we are paying bills, paying down debt, and trying to pay for her medical bills.It is never ending it seems but Neobux was our last resort, and has completely been a life saver.
More than 40K refs, and more than $14,000 net profit.

Even tough he gave up on neobux to try his own business, he is still a landmark on neobux short story. As the tittle of his topic says:

Quote:Neobux made me $158161.33

Currently he has already achieved over 300% ROI, and has already made countless cashouts, which has helped him get as many gadgets as he would need. You can check his topic for many videos made by him, and also the great list of things bought exclusively from neobux money:

With much more than 10K refs, he probably got the world record for the fastest account builder. From the moment he turned Ultimate, he has been renting new refs nonstop. Also he has proved that Credit Cards can be beneficial to you, as he is getting cash backs from his CC every time he uses it. Adding to his earnings from neobux, he is getting 300$ yearly as a bonus from his CC alone. Not only he is one of the users with the highest amount of neopoints, he is also one of the select few who have made a cash out of 10K dollars!

More than 2 years on neobux, she has pushed her account to a very high level. This extra income that she is getting surely helps to pay the monthly bills.

Earning at least 100$ a day, he/she has a very well developed account with much more than 10K refs.

One of the few members who have made a cash out of 10K dollars, he will forever be known as one of the neobux greatest.

Huge amount of refs, and also a great commitment to the neobux project:

Here are a few users who have a massive amount of refs, I don't have much knowledge on their story, but the numbers speak on their own:

I hope this helps you change your mind about the endless possibilities neobux can give you. Don't loose hope, and always click your daily ads.

Good luck in your path to success as well.

So back to the question; Can Success be achieved on neobux?





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